fresquinhas do dia 23julho2017

As leituras do dia, seguem os links…depois destes, a descrição dos mesmos.

Tira do dia do Calvin&Hobbes 😀

Bracing for “Cyber 9/11” — Steemit
#cyber911 #corbettreport #mustread #ipatriotact
But just as the fading GWoT paradigm requires a steady stream of (perceived) threats in order to justify the bloated budgets of the US intelligence and security apparatus, so, too, does this new cyberterror paradigm require a constant flow of (perceived) online threats to justify the bloated budgets of the US cybersecurity forces. And just as in the GWoT, every “failure” of cyber-intelligence and every “inadvertent” proliferation of cyber-weaponry gives the newly-created US Cyber Command an excuse to expand its role and take even bolder action in its quest to “fight the net.”
The GWoT and all of its attendant ills have been built on the back of that “catalyzing event”— our “new Pearl Harbor,” 9/11. So, naturally, the new cybersecurity establishment is waiting breathlessly for the “cyber 9/11” that will justify the complete crackdown and government takeover of the internet.
In 2008, Harvard law professor Lawrence Lessig told a technology conference that a cyber equivalent of the Constitution-destroying Patriot Act is on the shelf, ready to be rubber stamped into law. All it requires is a “cyber 9/11” to make such legislation politically viable.
MoA – The Undeniable Pattern Of Russian Hacking (Updated)
#fearmonger #russia #hackers #ussa #cyber911
A wide review of news sources finds an undeniable patter of international “Russian hacking” claims:
Many, if not all such accusation, are based on say-so by some anonymous “official” or self-promoting “expert”.
Many, if not all such accusation, are rebutted within a few days or weeks.
News about any alleged “Russian hacking” is widely distributed and easy to find.
News of the debunking of such claims is reported only sparsely (if at all) and more difficult to retrieve.
### The History of Evolution Programming | The Darwin’s & The Huxley’s ▶️️ – YouTube
### Europa, a “colónia digital” dos EUA – PÚBLICO
#floss #pt #eu
> Dependentes de software caro, e que é usado secretamente pelas agências de segurança de Washington para recolher informação sensível, os serviços públicos europeus estão “capturados”. Mas podia haver “um projecto Airbus” para a independência tecnológica da Europa. Já há alguns exemplos.
### “Let me never fall into the vulgar mistake…” – Ralph Waldo Emerson [850×400] – Imgur
### We’re Programmed to Reject Our Flat Earth Reality ▶️️ – YouTube
#outofthebox #flatearth
### A Chart of Vitamin Rich Foods : coolguides
#Terminus: A Great Modern And Highly Cutomizable Terminal For Linux 
Ditch Your #SCD Training Wheels by Creating a Food Safe Zone
What is a “Food Safe Zone”?
In simple terms, it’s a group of easy to digest foods that make you feel good when you eat them. It’s typically made up of:
Any cooked non-processed meats
5-8 different cooked vegetables
1-3 different cooked fruits
Together, these foods form the foundation of SCD healing allowing for medication changes, supplement tweaks and trying new foods with confidence.
Each person’s “food safe zone” is uniquely suited for their body.
Create Your “Food Safe Zone” in 5 Steps
A “food safe zone” can be created anytime during your healing. To start one now follow these 5-steps:
Cut out the four common triggers during this phase (No dairy, egg, nuts and eat low fruit)
Pick one vegetable, one fruit and rotate your meats to get started (pears or apples, carrots or squash)
Add one new vegetable or fruit every four days
Add two vegetables for every one fruit (2:1 ratio)
Track daily calories in 5 minutes a day using a free program like for the first month
Climate Mafia Strikes Again : This Time With Satellite Sea Level Data – YouTube
Published on Jul 22, 2017 #cgwhoax
Two weeks ago, the climate mafia got to Carl Mears at Remote Sensing Systems, and got him to increase the rate of global warming shown in his satellite data.
This week’s victim of the climate mafia is the satellite sea level data from the University of Colorado, where the same type of data tampering has occurred.
Top general admits #Russia could easily kick the US out of #Syria
#usa #stateterrorism #mic
Here’s the conundrum: We are operating in the sovereign country of Syria. The Russians, their stalwarts, their backstoppers have already uninvited the Turks from Syria. We’re a bad day away from the Russians saying, ‘Why are you still in Syria, U.S.?’
If the Russians play that card, we could want to stay and have no ability to do it.
Tomatoes Hate Cucumbers: Secrets of Companion Planting + Popular Planting Combinations | Homestead Guru
#gardening #survival
Mimicking nature’s biodiversity might make your garden look messy, but it’s been proven to help each individual plant to grow better. Plants in a polyculture are more resilient and tend to have fewer losses from insects or disease.
Things like carrots, dill, parsley, and parsnip will attract praying mantises, ladybugs, and spiders. These predator species of insects feast on the bugs who like to ruin your tomatoes, so it’s a win-win for the tomatoes (and you)!
Teaching Python and more with open educational resources |
If you’re looking to teach, tutor, or mentor beginning programmers, you’ve got your work cut out for you. Different learning styles, varying levels of knowledge, and a subject area that’s a moving target all conspire to see you run ragged as an instructor. Luckily, there is help available—lots of help. It comes in the form of open source textbooks, tools, and even games—all created to make being a teacher (and a learner) easier than ever before.
Caught Red-Handed: Google Search Suppresses Climate Realism | Watts Up With That?
#google #evil #cgwhoax
“High quality information pages on scientific topics should represent well established scientific consensus on issues where such consensus exists.” (Section 3.2)
But the allegations of “scientific consensus” are made only in one field – climate alarmism!  “Scientific consensus” is almost an oxymoron.  Consensus is a decision-making method used outside of science.  This language is inserted in the guidelines with only one purpose – to eliminate climate realism websites from the results, shown to Google Search users.  This discrimination is exacerbated by classifying “news about important topics such as international events, business, politics, science, and technology;” as Your Money or Your Life (YMYL) Pages, for which Google claims to have especially high quality standards.  Classification of news as Your Money or Your Life Pages (which includes medical, legal, financial, and safety advice) is obviously intended to suppress political information that differs from the opinions of the leftstream media and Wikipedia, which Google considers the guardians of truth.  That is why WUWT and other climate realism websites are so well hidden by Google Search.
De-Occulting the Internet – YouTube
#outofthebox #math
### Governo investe 700 milhões para modernizar Forças Armadas – Observador
#nato #pt #mic #usa #softwarelivre
> O investimento nos sistemas de informática, comando e controlo será de 38 milhões
-pergunto-me se terão alguma atenção ao que aqui foi descrito ou se apenas pretendem lamber as botas à NATO/USA, quer relativamente ao software quer ao equipamento militar.
A instrumentalização da homossexualidade pela esquerda – Observador
Para a esquerda radical, o verdadeiro propósito não é a defesa da liberdade ou dos direitos dos homossexuais. O objectivo central é o ataque à família tradicional, essa instituição “burguesa” responsável por muitos dos males das sociedades capitalistas. O desejo de desqualificar a família tradicional é tão forte que os leva ao exagero de colocar a maternidade e a paternidade naturais no mesmo plano da maternidade e da paternidade adoptivas. A sociedade alternativa que, em ultima análise, sugerem seria constituída por crianças feitas em laboratórios e educadas, indiferentemente, pelos pais e mães naturais ou adoptivos. Seria o 1984 de Orwell no seu pior.
As esquerdas radicais defendem o direito dos homossexuais a adoptar crianças, mas depois gostariam de impedir esses mesmos casais de escolher livremente a escolas dos seus filhos, os hospitais onde se tratam, os bancos onde pedem créditos e o modo como gastam o dinheiro que ganham. O grande embuste das esquerdas é reduzir os homossexuais à sua homossexualidade. Mas os homossexuais são muito mais do que homossexuais. Têm famílias, são profissionais, são consumidores de serviços, são contribuintes. E são acima de tudo cidadãos livres. O que deixariam de ser se um dia as esquerdas que agora os defendem com tanto zelo e fervor ideológico impuserem ao nosso país o seu programa político.
### Infographic: The #Blockchain Ecosystem in 2016 – IBS Intelligence
Frost & Sullivan identifies the 2017 global #blockchain startup map | Marginalia
Global Blockchain Startup Map

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